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Self Love in 2018

If you guys are reeling from the last two years of chaos (because the year of the monkey and fire rooster were crazy!), then you’re definitely looking forward to the calmer qualities from the year of the earth dog-- just like I am!

What a better time to integrate some of the qualities of the dog as we take care of ourselves in 2018. When I think about dogs, loyalty is the most prominent attributes they exhibit (besides cuteness obviously). Once they’re yours, they follow you around, protect you, want to be with you all the time! What if we thought about ourselves in the same way? Usually loyalty relates to how you treat others; however, what if we flipped the script and vowed to protect ourselves more, spend time with ourselves, and love ourselves just like your dog loves you.

That is a VERY foreign thought for most of us. Usually everyday life is more complicated than that. We get distracted with how much we are involved at work or how much time we spend with other people. Rarely do we make time to be alone to reflect and recharge the batteries a little bit.

Recently, I was super inspired by a good girlfriend who told me that she takes “solo trips” about once a quarter. Basically, she packs a bag of books and magazines, face masks, turns off the social media and goes off on her own to be with herself and catch up on rest and relaxation for a weekend. How amazing does that sound?? I made it a goal of 2018 to give myself at least a night or two a month of just that-- me, myself, and I-- alone to do what I need to rejuvenate.

Other forms of self care can look different to different people. That could be more frequent massage or acupuncture, a night in with a glass of wine, soaking in the tub, a solo hike (with your dog- double loyalty points!), or shutting off the news to protect ourselves from the negativity or comparing ourselves to others. Whatever self care looks like to you… integrate it!


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