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Happy Chinese New Year!!

On February 16th, we will welcome the year of the earth dog. All indications point toward this being a more settled, calm year, as long as we all take good care of ourselves and each other.

Just like a dog that has been chained up outside for a long time, the loyalty and kindness that is inherent to canines can be absent in a time where we neglect ourselves and our relationships.

The earth element in Chinese Medicine is all about what we take in - food, drink, ideas and information. We will do especially well this year if we are careful in choosing what we consume; good, nutrient-dense foods, clean water and positive messages as opposed to eating junk, getting drunk and obsessing over “those idiots” in the news.

Focusing on relationships and lifting each other up are also a good way to take advantage of the energy of the earth dog year. Dogs are pack animals and we would do well to emulate that this year. Reconnect with old friends, make some new friends and spend time with your family.

Being kind to the environment and taking care of the earth is also a great way to honor the year of the earth dog. Spending time in nature, gardening and generally connecting with the earth are all great activities.

All in all, after the craziness of last year - the year of the fire rooster - this year will definitely seem more settled and manageable.


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