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Young At Heart

Recently, I’ve had a couple of life events that challenged my thinking around the idea of “aging.” This is often a topic that people often avoid because they hate the idea of getting older.  We all do it, so we might as well talk about it! Just a moniker for where we are in life, our age doesn’t have to define us. Easier said than done, but living in a world with an expectation to age gracefully, I’ve come to realize one magnificent thing: that age is really rooted in your mindset.  


First exciting thing to note: we got a puppy! (Yes, attached is a picture of our angel, Curly, for those who want to ogle at how adorable he is). His life is easy: eat, play, poop, repeat and I can’t help but be inspired by the simplicity of his happiness. Within that cycle of life, he is the happiest, sweetest guy you could ever imagine. If you’ve been around animals in your life, it’s easy to tell the difference between a happy dog and one that isn't. As humans, are we so different? If you keep life simple and find things that bring you joy, that positivity radiates from you that others can see. To me, that is a defining difference between someone that ages well and someone that doesn’t. Joy is the best way to stay young at heart and who wouldn’t want that on your side as you get older and wiser!  


The second major experience to note was our family trip to Iceland to celebrate my mother’s monumental 75th birthday. You might be asking yourself, how does getting a puppy relate to your mom’s birthday? Well, truth be told, my mom is not so different than our cute, little puppy. She’s also adorable, has an insane amount of energy, radiates positivity and is chipper and happy and talkative at ANY waking moment. Not to mention, she still runs everyday and incorporates physical activity as a pillar of life. See what I mean? The comparison is uncanny. Hehe. (I’m sure she’s cringing reading this). 

Even though I know all of those things about my mom already, I found our trip to be very motivational and inspiring to take in. After hiking glaciers and waterfalls, staying up late to squeeze in every ounce of sight-seeing, and packing two weeks of activities into one, I was blown away at her stamina and willingness to be a part of it all. At the end of the trip, I said that I wanted to be her when I grow up. She is a true embodiment of what it means to do the things that bring you joy- no matter your age or limitations. Because of that, she is the perfect example of aging well. 

So question to you: How is your mindset and what brings you joy? How can you do something for yourself and others so that you live the rest of your life radiating positivity?


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