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2019: Year of the PIG

On February 5th, we’ll be celebrating the Chinese New year! That means, OUT with the year of the Earth dog (2018) and IN with the year of the Earth pig! This is an exciting time for all interested in the Chinese zodiac. The pig is the last animal in the 12-year line up, meaning it’s a really good time for enjoyment, celebration, and reflection! It also has a bit of good luck attached to it. How great does that sound??

If you’ve spending lots of time working, cultivating a career, building your empire, then now is the time to reap your rewards. Look back at everything you’ve done in the last few years (or full 12-year stretch) and give yourself the freedom to enjoy the place you are in your life! The pig is a social animal, so reconnect with lost friends or loved ones and celebrate all of your undertakings together. If you’re starting a new adventure in the year of the pig, you have luck on your side, and success is in your future! Ok, ok I know I’m starting to sound like a fortune cookie.

The Earth element in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) relates to nourishment for the body and mind. Because it’s the second Earth year in a row, we should continue to look at how we nourish ourselves. This can boil down to the food we eat, how much down time we have, and what we subject ourselves to emotionally.

In TCM, the spleen is the major organ associated with the Earth element. It’s the “sorter” of the body, separating the pure from the impure. Like I said above, that can relate directly to what you’re eating and how it benefits your body or how emotionally balanced we are. Do the people around you bring you joy? Are you doing something, whether it be hobbies or a job, that fulfills you? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you watching happy things on TV or dark, disturbing things? How does that impact your wellbeing? Oh wait… that last part sounds like me. :) My darkness detox is still going strong for anyone following along!

According to the Chinese zodiac, the pig is also the sign of wealth! So check in with your surroundings and ask yourself- what are you RICH in? It could be time with loved ones, your health, time carved out in your schedule for vacation, making good money this year… anything! For me, I am rich in deep sleep at the moment. Due to my “darkness detox,” I’m sleeping better than ever. What a dramatic change it has made in my overall enjoyment of life. Imagine that… My spleen is thanking me.

PSA: the little red envelopes full of surprises are making a comeback in the office too! Come in for a treatment the week of the Chinese New Year and see what surprise is in store for you! Maybe yours will be pig-themed. Hope to see you soon!


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