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Finishing Up the Holidays and Setting Intentions For the New Year

I’m keeping it short and sweet again this month, but look out for some long nerdy articles coming your way soon!

First of all, I promised an update on our holiday experiences so here are a few highlights:

  • The kiddo’s favorite part of the Golden Christmas Parade was the Colorado School of Mines marching band. And I have to agree - they were good!!

  • We went to a tuba Christmas concert in Olde Town Arvada where he told me “I want to do that when I’m bigger.” Yay!

  • Then he said he liked his school’s holiday program better than the Colorado Symphony Orchestra because he was was on stage. Hmmm...

I think we have a musician on our hands, folks.

When we had an impromptu visit with Santa, the kiddo shyly asked for a strawberry, and Santa replied “I’ll see what I can do” in the softest, sweetest voice.  Then, on Christmas morning, there was a 10” strawberry stuffie under the tree. He was so thrilled, it has not left his arms since. (It even rates way higher than the remote controlled car and the hot wheels track!) I’m kind of a proud mama...

So, yeah, all in all it was so fun!

Now, on to the new year.

I love this time of transition. We just had some good family time, and perhaps some indulgences, and it’s time to reflect on this past year and set our intentions for the new year.

As I look back at last year, my biggest intention was to slow down and create space in my life. For someone who likes to go! go! go! and may suffer a bit from FOMO (fear of missing out), this intention definitely was one I had to work at, and while I didn’t always make it happen, I did find some space.

As I look forward to the new year, I am craving a little more excitement. I’m feeling more energetic and I want to start doing more. I’ll still keep some of the space I created last year, but will also find more interesting things to occupy me as well. Travel is on my mind, as well as returning to running (actually at this point we’ll call it “joggling” now, a fabulous term coined by a good friend of mine - it’s jogging, but mostly jiggling). I’ve also had some good ideas on how to make Alpenglow even better, too - stay tuned! But most of all, I want to honor my most important intention that I keep from year to year - to fully live my life and truly enjoy what I have.

What about you? What are you looking forward to in the new year? Have you set any new intentions or made resolutions? I’d love to hear!


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