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Spring – Season of the Liver

As we move into Spring, we enter the season of the Liver. The color associated with the season of the Liver is green, and the sound related to the Liver is shouting. This makes me think of little green seedlings, popping out if the ground, excited that winter is over. It is like they are shouting, “Hey, look at me, I’m here now!” as they seem to declare that it is the time for them to vigorously grow.  

The Liver has some very important roles in Chinese Medicine, which include storing the blood, ensuring the smooth flow of qi (qi in this case can be defined as an energy that manifests on both our physical and emotional level), and controlling the sinews. The Liver also manifests in the nails, opens into the eye, controls the tears, and is affected by anger. Additionally, the Liver also houses our Ethereal Soul. The Ethereal Soul plays a very important role in our mental and spiritual life on a psychic level. It supplies our minds with inspiration and creativity. It is involved with our life dreams and our sense of direction in life.  

This spring, you can nourish your liver by staying calm and taking things slow. Do not let anger or frustration get the best of you in trying situations. Try doing some mental or physical exercises to keep your body and spirit relaxed and calm. Meditation or some gentle stretching and yoga can be a good place to start. Pick something that is relaxing for you. Let go of as many stressful situations as you can this spring. If this is not possible, try to reduce the stress involved in the stressful situations that you are exposed to.

If you need help doing this, let us know! We can give you some ideas to get you started.  Acupuncture, massage, and reflex therapy can all help with stress. Not only can they help calm your physical body, but putting the time aside to come in and visit us for a session can be like a mini vacation for your mind as well. When you let your mind relax and allow it to settle in to the sensations and energy it feels during a treatment, it helps you to become more self-aware and aids in supplying the energy needed for the body to function calmly and effectively. Let’s make this Spring one that is filled with life, new beginnings, and creativity, with room to grow ourselves without the stress!



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