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Spring Break

Raise your hand if you get spring fever! Me, me - I do! Traditionally spring has always been the perfect time for change and to do something different from the routine you had during the dreary winter (even though our winter has been pretty mild). The energy around spring is moving and dynamic; becoming alive again and stretching out after a long hibernation. In Chinese medicine, the spring correlates with the liver meridian, which ensures a healthy and smooth flow of qi in the body. The liver also detoxifies the blood, a similar characteristic to what it does Western medicine as well. Of course there are plenty of ways to detox the body in the spring, but I’ll be talking about a few ways to detox the mind! When you sit down and think about it: what makes you feel alive and new?

For me, there are two major ways for me to feel my best when transitioning seasons. First, travel - getting away from anything in my norm has always been at the top of my list of ways to rejuvenate myself. February is one of the toughest, coldest month to get through during winter and I so look forward to March. Some years it’s because it’s so dang cold, some years it’s just because it’s ONLY the 2nd month of the year and sometimes it’s because as soon as someone says “March,” the mindset changes and I get excited about more sunshine.

So, my advice (that I’m taking myself) if you need to get out from under the rock of winter and do something spontaneous, is to take your adult Spring Break!! That’s right - I’m giving you permission to take some time, no matter if you’re in school or not, to give yourself a break. Whether it be just a weekend away or random trip to Mexico that popped up, take it! I’m counting down the days until I get to take a break myself and enjoy sunny Sedona for a weekend in April. There’s nothing better than letting yourself check out for a few days, sip on a cocktail, read trashy romance novels, and stare into the sunset.

Secondly, I like to shift gears for spring by purging all of my STUFF. We’re about to move into our new house and we’re literally getting rid of everything! I’m convinced that the more things we keep in our house, the more mental clutter there is. My fiance and I have been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing and I agree with so much of what Marie Kondo says. We’re only keeping the things we absolutely love because it brings us joy, not for any other reason. So going through clothes, trinkets, home decor, shoes….whatever we don’t love, must go!! What a great feeling to donate lots of stuff and sell things to someone who might think your old couch is THEIR new favorite thing!

So, this spring, take some time to give your brain a stretch as well as your body! Go on spring break, get rid of some clutter, go out and move! I love to hear about all of the travels you do, so be sure to update me on your adventures next time you’re in for a tune up!


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