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What's up with detoxing, anyway?

There was a time that I thought the idea of a detox was bunk. Your body is designed to do that on its own, after all. That's what peeing, pooping and exhalation is all about. Even your skin is designed to let you detox.
But as I look more at the information out there, I am starting to change my mind. With all the pollution and chemicals we are exposed to these days, can our bodies really keep up?
One example of some scary stuff is this 2011 article (yes this info has been out there this long!) from Harvard Medical School that talks about pharmaceutical pollution in lakes and streams. Fish downstream from sewage treatment plants are found to have more female and "intersex" characteristics than their upstream counterparts. Yes, our waste water is turning male fish into lady fish!
Why is this? Sewage treatment plants are not currently designed to remove pharmaceuticals from water. Nor are the facilities that treat water to make it drinkable. So, you do the math. All those women on birth control pills and HRT are passing that into the system. It's not getting cleared out, and eventually it can make it back into your drinking water. While there haven't been widespread studies on the effects of these contaminates in our drinking water (how could you even set this study up?), one could extrapolate from the current evidence and say "hey!! let's get this unwanted stuff out of me! I don't wanna be a lady fish!"
What is a detox? 
There are many different ways to help your system clear out the bad stuff. It can be as simple as dry brushing  before your shower, and as complex as doing a fast or using a nutritional product to help support natural detox pathways in your body. It all depends on where you're coming from and what your goals are. If you are interested, we would be happy to help guide your through your options as your next appointment.


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