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The Great Healthcare Debate

Okay, I'm mad. Those silly people in Washington are really getting on my nerves. They keep calling this program of theirs "healthcare" when it should really be called "sickness management." The system is broken, and not only in the way they say it is. That old healthcare paradigm is so outdated - you know, the one where you think someone else is in charge of your health - and it clearly isn't working to make anyone healthy. Its primary focus seems to be extending life, not enhancing health.
So let's bypass it. Let's take care of our own bodies, our own minds, our own health. Instead of doing the same old thing - sitting for hours each day, eating processed foods, skimping on sleep and stressing out, let's try something new. Let's do what it takes for us to be well nourished. 
Don't get me wrong - I'm all for the sickness care management when it comes to the big daddies - cancer, heart attacks and accidents, but let's do everything we can to avoid getting there. And let's take care of the "little" stuff ourselves. 
For example: Does wine give you reflux? Maybe stop drinking it. Can't manage your stress without the wine? Let's look at other options - yoga, deep breathing, acupuncture, time with friends, journaling or just getting out in nature.
I'm definitely not saying you should ignore any symptoms, but instead listen to what they are telling you. Don't just cover them up with something given to you by the sickness management system!
***steps off soapbox***
Thanks for letting me rage.


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