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Practicing What I Preach - Fighting Off A Cold

Ahhh, spring. Now that winter is dying down and spring is spring-ing, it's important to keep our allergies in check along with maintaining some protection from the nasty colds and flus that have been circulating. SO, I thought I'd tell you exactly what I do when I start to feel under the weather; just in case it gives you inspiration on how to take care of yourself in the future. Think of it as a WWSD (what would Sarah do)?

As I boast to most of you, I don't get sick often. Almost never in fact. But recently, my immune system did get put in its place when I came down with a cold about a month or two ago. It started with the typical symptoms: sore throat, congestion/runny nose, headache and body fatigue. Of course it happened during my few days off, so I was busting my behind to get well before getting back to work. If I had caught it early enough, our Cold Quell herbal formula would have been enough to kick any early symptoms I had been experiencing. Unfortunately, I was too late for that stage, but I took a few doses anyway. Next, I took double probiotics along with shots of lemon juice, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, oil of oregano, and ginger throughout the day (all of which were cold pressed by a juice bar-- I didn't make them myself). The immune system starts in the gut, so I knew I had to boost the bacteria in my digestive tract in order to fight this off quickly. I immediately stopped any extra sugar (including fruit), grains, or dairy, so as to not contribute to any phlegm production or immune suppression. I drank hoards of Breathe Easy and Throat Coat teas (from Traditional Medicinals) along with tons of water and bone broth as well. I know, I know, at this point, it sounds like a lot. Within 24 hours I received 2 acupuncture treatments with Karen and she got me started on stronger Chinese herbs. I continued this regimen for 2 days, slept a lot and boom, the cold was gone at the end of 48 hours. 

The same can go for allergies. I used to suffer from horrible allergies in Austin, but here I don't experience much. However, when I get a little sneezy and start to get itchy in the back of my throat (the main indicators for me), I jump to the same sort of routine. Apple cider vinegar in hot lemon water, no sugar, dairy, or grains, and I take the AllerEase herbal formula. 

Long story short, I usually find the easiest road to recovery involves cutting back on some of the things you're used to, and incorporating a few things that you might be less familiar with. Also, as with most things, jumping on symptoms when they first occur instead of letting them become a chronic condition is key.

Wishing you all a beautiful and healthy spring! 


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