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Immune Support - Keeping Healthy at the Change of Seasons

It's that special time of year - colds are still running rampant, and yet allergies are starting up too. What's a person to do?

Here are some tips for helping your immune system stay in balance:

  • Get good sleep

  • Exercise regularly

  • Keep stress at bay

  • Watch your diet:

    • Eat lots of plants - consume a good variety of fruits, and especially veggies to get your nutrients

    • Limit dairy and gluten - for a number of individuals this can trigger the immune system, making allergies worse, as well as making you more susceptible to infections by causing systemic inflammation

    • Eliminate sugar - it has a very detrimental effect on your immune system

  • Consider a few supplements:

    • Vitamin D - especially important in Colorado, Vitamin D has been shown to improve immunity

    • Probiotics - keeping your gut in shape helps to balance your immune system, as your gut is often your first line of defense

    • ColdQuell herbal formula - can prevent colds, or shorten duration if you happen to catch one

    • AllerEase herbal formula - treats the symptoms of seasonal allergies without the brain fog/fatigue of most allergy meds

    • Immune+ herbal formula - For immune enhancement, this formula can be taken throughout the cold season

And, of course, acupuncture helps!  

This review of studies from the National Institutes of Health concludes "more and more research has revealed that acupuncture can regulate immunity, for example, to enhance anticancer and anti-stress immune function and exert anti-inflammation effects." Check it out if you want to get super nerdy about all the different effects acupuncture can have on your immune system. 

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