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The Year of the Rooster

Finally, 2017 has arrived! Last year was the year of chaos and unpredictability and it did NOT disappoint. Needless to say, I think we're all ready for new energy/new routines in 2017 and I think the year of the Rooster will bring just that. According to this Chinese tradition, the Rooster's characteristics incorporate mental clarity, independence, self respect, and precision in whatever you try to accomplish. They describe this as a "wake up" year after a wild ride in the year of the Monkey. 

Because the Rooster is a "fire" sign in 2017, the vibrant energy can be intense, so make sure you don't go overboard. It gives you just enough of a push to really accomplish the goals you set with drive and fierceness! Personally, that aligns with everything I want to incorporate into my intentions for 2017. I can't wait for a fresh start! 

Here are a couple interesting things to consider this year as you form your resolutions. I would encourage you to incorporate the Rooster's energy and support yourself during this amazing time of change:

  • Create a vision board for what you want to accomplish and add a small description of HOW you're going to do it. Like a theoretical blueprint of your year ahead, focus on the areas that you want to make a change. It can be in the realm of relationships, health, wealth, job success, etc etc. 
  • Change the doormat in your house. I know it sounds strange, but what a great visual reminder of how to represent yourself as you leave in the morning and come home at night. Who do you want to be in the world? 
  • Get great sleep. If you're well rested, you can be fully invested in what you're trying to accomplish!
  • Do something NEW. The brain releases specific hormones (dopamine) when you try or do something new. This can be a new hobby, trying new restaurants or types of food, learning to cook, travel to a place you've never been. When you do something new, your brain actually GROWS and it contributes to more motivation and success.
  • Speaking of food: The most important thing you can do for yourself this year, diet-wise, would be to incorporate new tastes and flavors. Expand your palate! Enjoy and keep releasing that dopamine! 

If you're interested in learning more about the year of the Rooster click here and get more inspiration for your new year's resolutions! 


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