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My Scarf Obsession

I have been sounding like a broken record again. This time it's all about wearing a scarf at this windy time of year. I know it sounds like an old wives' tale, but time and time again I see a correlation between this windy weather and conditions considered "wind invasions" or "wind conditions" in TCM. 

Vertigo? Bell's Palsy? Dizziness? Starting to catch a cold? Yep - I'm gonna tell you to wear a scarf!

Way back in the day, these smarty pants who developed the theory behind Chinese Medicine used the environment around them to describe health conditions. They described symptoms as having characteristics such as heat or cold, damp accumulation or wind. These conditions can either be internally created by lifestyle, dietary or disease processes, or can be externally contracted from the environment. A diagnosis within this paradigm often sounds like a weather report: wind-heat, wind-damp, wind-cold. 

On your body, there are "wind points" through which external wind likes to enter. Many of them are at the base of the skull and near the neck and shoulders. Hence the advice to wear a scarf and keep buttoned up when you go out in any kind of cold or windy weather.

Now keep in mind, this doesn't replace germ theory, but exists alongside it. In the case of catching colds or the flu, this exposure to the wind sets you up to be vulnerable to the germs. So be a smarty pants yourself (and stylish to boot) and start wearing your scarf to stay strong and healthy!


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