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Just Say YES

The word YES has had some serious significance in my life as of late! The last month and a half of being engaged has been completely surreal. I’ve been saying yes to everything!! The proposal (obviously), the champagne, the dinners, the parties, the champagne (Oh, already said that, oops). Usually I’m in the same boat as Karen, really learning to say no to going out too much or over-dedicating myself. I’m very attached to my sleep and baths and yoga classes, which are typically part of my self-care routine; however, because of the surprises and excitement, I’ve really been leaning into accepting any reason to celebrate over the last few weeks.

That being said, I think there should be a balance of how much you say “yes” and how much you say “no.” Actually, I JUST hit my limit of how much rich food from dinners out and how many celebratory cocktails I could say yes to before really needing to buckle down and get back to my norm, ESPECIALLY before the holidays. Enter: November challenge - clean eating, no alcohol, and Liver DTX(a great herbal detox we carry here). Aka. wedding diet is on.

Moral of the story is, you can waiver from your comfort zone occasionally without getting totally derailed. Sometimes you NEED a break from being good, you need to say yes to some sweets, naughty food, and treats, to feel human and for your sanity. I know that all of my “YESes” over the last 2 months have felt totally rejuvenating for so many reasons. I’m happy to break my own rules from time to time when it’s worth it, and you should too! Enjoy the balance of “yes” and “no” and be sure to tell us how you’re incorporating some self care into your weekly routine next time you’re in for a tune-up!


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