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What We Get Up To In Addition To The Poke

Happy September! I want to add on to what Karen was talking about in the last blog entry  - the "good, better, and best" model of treatment. After y'all watch the most adorable video on cupping here, I want to explain a couple of other alternative modalities we use quite often for patients that need a little extra care. 

Choosing a "standard" time slot is almost always my default when I'm personally receiving treatment. Every once in a while I'm able to sneak in a "works" to get the full benefit of a front/back treatment. Self call: I should be doing that more. However, I know that by adding on cupping, direct moxa, or any kind of injection to an acupuncture treatment, it helps me feel my best; I can function in tip top shape!

If you've walked into the office and its smelled a little funny, no we're not doubling as one of those "wellness centers" with a green cross. We've most likely been burning some direct moxa. It can get a little smoky and quite often leaves a little bit of a lingering smell in the room where we were using it, but it can definitely seep into the rest of the office too - hence the confusion. Moxibustion, which is the burning of the herb mugwort, has been used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine. We use it on certain acupuncture points in order to receive the benefits of its radiant heat. This nourishes and warms the body in ways that it needs. It's a fantastic modality for people that suffer from repetitive colds and flus, who have been debilitated by surgery, have injuries that need healing, women's menstrual issues/ fertility, digestive disorders, arthritis, or if you're just plain run-down and fatigued. It is a great boost to the immune system. If you've had us use the smokeless moxa stick on you in a treatment, the direct moxa is a more pure form of the herb, which makes it more potent and effective in treatment.

Next up, I'll explain how injection therapy works. This one might seem a little scary to some, but I want to assure you that it's safe, effective, and in our scope of practice as acupuncturists. We have a couple options for injection as of now - Vitamin B12 and a homeopathic remedy called Traumeel. 

The B12 injections are super simple and easy, and can be paired with any appointment style, including the tune-up. Vitamin B12 is great for people that have trouble keeping energy levels high, or who need a boost in mood, concentration, memory, and immunity. They say it can prolong life! (We'll have to keep you posted on that one..) 

For the use of Traumeel, we require that you make a standard appointment as we're most likely using this remedy in order to shift some chronic pain patterns. If you have pain issues that are extremely stubborn, I would suggest the use of Traumeel to see if it gives it the push it needs to get you back to normal functioning! It can take some time to hunt around for the right spot to inject for maximum effectiveness, so the longer appointment slot seems to be better for this type of injection.

Give one or all of those modalities a try and see what works best for your body! It's amazing what can unfold if you put a little more time, effort, and care into whatever it is we're working on together. Enjoy!


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