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Good, Better, Best

As many of you know, I am continually working to learn more about acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and practice management. I'm always looking for new ways to make Alpenglow a better experience.  
In looking at practice management ideas, I ran across a great one that the practitioner called her "good, better, best" approach and I fell in love. 
Basically, she would work with a patient (this is usually at an initial appointment) to determine what of the many paths of healing was going to work best for them. For example, her "best" treatment plan might include cupping as well as a two sided treatment, herbs and supplements as well as lifestyle changes. Her "better" plan would drop some of those things, and her "good" plan would be the most basic things they could do to see some improvement in the health of the patient.
Working together, and being honest about what they could each do produces better expectations on outcomes. 
After reading this, I realized that I am continually wanting to get "best" outcomes even though I'm always working within the "good" framework. No wonder I am never satisfied with my results!
I'm still working through how to integrate this with my current patients, but if you're interested in getting a full workup with a "good, better, best" treatment plan, let us know. I'm looking forward to being even better myself!


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