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Staying Healthy in Autumn

Fall is here, and winter is coming! 

Here are a couple tips to keep yourself warm and protected from the rapidly approaching cold weather: 

1. Wear a scarf and cover the back of your neck. From an Eastern medicine perspective, we come down with colds and flus by way of the channels that pass over the back, neck, and head. By keeping them covered, you decrease your chances of getting sick. Put on a hat while you're up there too! 

2. Change your diet and eat seasonally. As the summer ends, it's less appropriate for raw, colder foods like salads. Change up your eating patterns to incorporate more warm, nourishing cooked foods like soups, sautéed veggies, and roasted vegetables like sweet potatoes and beets! That will keep your digestion rocking and warm throughout the winter months.

Enjoy the fall!


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