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Karen's Corner January 2015

To make new year's resolutions or not to make new year's resolutions...that is the question. While I believe firmly in setting goals, I feel as though taking on something highly ambitious for a full year can set you up for failure and disappointment. 

So, let's say that my resolution is "I'm going to get into rad shape this year." First of all, who uses the word "rad?" Secondly, the goal is not well defined and does not have clear, measurable outcomes. It will probably become daunting and disappear by mid-February. However, if I decided that I would feel pretty darn good if I could just do a pull up, I have a measurable goal that is achievable. With a little help from my buddy Google, I can find a training protocol to help me reach my goal. From there, I can plan my workout sessions accordingly and finally do my pull up. Then, it's on to the next step in the quest to be in rad shape.

I also like to let a friend know about my goal. That way, I have someone checking in on me and making sure I am working on it. In this case, it's my climbing buddy Sarah who won't let me leave the gym without having done my training. 

What are some goals you'd like to achieve this year? Whatever they are, I hope you have a happy and healthy 2015!


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