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Karen's Corner April 2015

What's that smell? Part 2

After last month's newsletter, I've been asked a few times about some other smells around the office.

One was my delicious salmon, broccoli and kale lunch (sorry about that), but the others could use a little more explanation.

First, there is that delightful peppermint/cinnamon combination that will occasionally permeate the office which is an oil that we use with cupping. This is an adjunct therapy using suction cups to release tight muscles and sometime to clear up gunky coughs. 

Next is a lovely blend of essential oils that smells kind of like Christmas to me. I'll use this topically on myself after treating someone with a cold or the flu. Aptly named "liquid gloves," it is used to help prevent infection. I also spray a diffused version around the office on a regular basis.

Lastly, there is the ever-changing aroma that comes from the Reflex Therapy room. Those ladies use custom combinations for each treatment, and from personal experience I can tell you it's heavenly. 

So, I think I've got it covered. Let me know if you smell anything else and I'll be sure to clear up any mysteries for you!


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