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How to deal with overeating this season

The Holidays are Coming!

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, our excitement level builds and builds. There are so many things to look forward to- family togetherness, spiritual celebration, the food, the drinks, and too many traditions to count. Even though the holidays mean different things to different people, they almost always center around food. Grandma's stuffing to your Mother's pies-- its all the ultimate comfort food. On days like Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's important to be mindful during meals, so that we can avoid making ourselves sick by eating too much (even though its oh so good). Here are a few tips to avoid overeating:

  1. Smaller Portion Size. There will be about a million delicious dishes to try on your Thanksgiving table. By limiting your portion size, you can get a satisfying taste of everything you want without being deprived. Once finished, take a half hour break before serving yourself another helping, to ensure you're not already full.

  2. There's No Shame in Leftovers. Instead of trying to finish everything in one meal, make sure you have leftovers to pop in the fridge for later or to take home with you. If Thanksgiving is your favorite meal of the year, why not enjoy it more than once! Combined with smaller portion size, you'll hopefully have enough to enjoy for the days following.

  3. Drink water. Along with how much you're eating, make sure you're drinking enough water throughout the holiday season. Its common for people to mistake the feeling of hunger with being slightly dehydrated. Before each meal, drink one to two glasses of water to ensure you're staying on top of your water intake. This will also help with appetite control.  

Damage Control: Have herbs on hand in case you accidentally DO overeat. Our favorite "food stagnation" formula is called Bao He Wan. This formula includes many herbs that help with upset stomachs due to overeating, gas, bloating, or any other symptoms that revolve around eating something that doesn't agree with you as well as other foods. Pick up your bottle next time you're in for a treatment! 


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